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“Bereavement is a universal and integral part of our experience of love.”
– Clive Staples Lewis

With any passing, there is a void in our lives that cannot be filled.  Paying tribute to our loved ones through a memorial is one way we can bring peace and closure to the grieving process.  To know that there stands a memorial for generations to come to share in the knowledge of our loved one is comforting in itself.  Someone that has meant so much to us, deserves to be remembered.

The presence of a monument honors a loved one by having a very permanent reminder of that special someone, a reverent place where we can commune with our memories. A monument is a physical reminder of the impact someone has engraved in the lives of those around them.

Increasingly, people are opting to place their own memorials in the cemetery before their passing. What better way to help ease the confusion and burden on our loved ones than to pre-arrange our own memorials? What better gift than saying one more time, “I’ve taken care of that for you.”? There is no doubt about what our loved ones would have wanted, for they have made the difficult decision for us.